Friday, December 01, 2006

Someone is turning TWO!

Well my little baby girl will be 2 years old tomorrow! Its so crazy how time flies. Doesn't everyone say that about birthdays though?!?

Julianna is such a mixture. She loves her babydolls but also loves her Spiderman. She would be happy playing in a pile of dirt and combing her barbie's hair. She loves to watch football and to dance to Pink.

We are having Matt's parents down, along with his two brothers, godfather and I think his aunt and uncle on Saturday. I will be making a cake and we will be getting Little Ceasers to munch on. We gave her one of her presents on last Saturday and will be giving her the other one tomorrow. Nothing too big though. She would rather play with paper than anything. LOVES to rip it and if there is a pen near by....draw on it. That girl LOVES to draw...just like her big brother!