Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finally a new post!

I haven't had much to update recently. I am 17 weeks and a couple days along with baby #3. I feel like I am carrying low, but who knows. This pregnancy is so different from the last two its crazy. I've had some unhealthy cravings also. Which makes me feel that I am carrying a boy. With Korben all I craved was junk food, hence the 60+ pound weight gain with him. For lunch today, leftover Dairy Queen french fries and a cheese burger. Healthy huh?! But that will be my only junk food today. My stomach gets REALLY upset fast when I eat junk.
I have only gained 10 pounds so far. Which is good. Have to maintain so I don't blowup. Last weekend we had Matt's family down for this birthday. Saturday we went and ate at Famous Dave's. It was pretty good. Of course Julianna wanted to walk around and talk to people so she didn't eat much. Wanted to get out of her seat most of the time. But the neat thing was that they have Magna Doodles there for the kids so we brought it to the table with us. THAT kept her busy.
I have been running ideas through my head for Christmas gifts this year. Yes already thinking about it. If I don't shop little by little then December would be a HARD time to pay off the normal bills. We do not charge presents on credit cards so that it the only way we can do it. Those ideas should be written down now so I don't forget. Preggo brain is a pain.
We haven't talked about baby names yet. I did go through a 10,000 baby name book earlier this morning. Here is a list that I like:

Girl Names


Boy Names


We already have middle names picked out. We know for sure we will be using Russell if its a boy and Lucille if its a girl. Lucille was Matt's grandmother's middle name if I am not mistaken. She passed away on October 6th and Matt suggested that he would like to use it.
I go back to the doctors November 5th. That will be my 20 weeks appointment where we find out whether this little one is a girl or a boy and FINALLY see the child on screen. I haven't had an ultrasound yet which is kind of irritating. I had at least two or three with the other two.
The baby doesn't have a room as of yet. I figured the first two months he/she will be in the bassinet in our room. We plan on moving our office upstairs, Julianna will be moved to the old office and the baby will be moved into Julianna's old room. We will sell our big corner computer desk, buy just a regular straight desk so we can put it against any wall upstairs rather than just one corner. The guestroom upstairs will be the entertainment room/office/sewing room. We will give Korben the full bed, so when we have guests come they can sleep in his room. We plan on getting a futon for the entertainment room then and get a used TV somewhere. My small 13 inch wouldn't do so well once we get it all set up. Matt's Dad has a bed frame for Julianna. Its white with red roses, I think its metal. So that will go in her room and she will finally have a twin bed rather than a toddler bed. I think that is it. I will try to update the kids blog in a few days.