Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Seeing the New Year with open eyes?!

I might actually be able to see the new year this year rather than falling asleep at 11pm. haha 7 more minutes to go and it will be midnight here in Central Time. Nashville needs to have their own ball dropping for us Central people. The whole watching the NY ball drop an hour later kind of takes the excitement out of the event. 5 minutes to go. Matt is playing on his old Xbox, trying to stay awake. Korben is playing with his Legos demanding himself to stay awake. He is wanting to stay up this year to see the year change. Julianna fell asleep at 8pm and Trenton was out by 10pm. Matt has been working on the upstairs bathroom today. He is replacing the faucet and putting spakling on the walls and cracks. Our next door neighbor will be coming over tomorrow to help with our shower. Something about some water rotting issue or something. 2 more minutes. So after the walls are finished we will paint and be done with one more room.
I will have pictures up from Christmas at some point this week. I have to go through them and delete some and edit some. I haven't even seen them on the camera yet. 1 more minute! I ment to get some video footage as well but the kids opened up their gifts so darn fast that I was lucky enough to get pictures. Oh hey its 12:00am! Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This made my day

Funny Article from my home town.

Only in Tuscarawas County, Ohio will children replay the movie. I found out a couple years ago that the house they used for Ralphie's house is actually in Cleveland, Ohio. Neat!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Festivities

Well the holidays are sneaking up on me very rapidly. We almost have everything bought. We have a gift or two to get Korben and Julianna. Trenton is all done. I am just waiting on a package which should be here by tomorrow. *fingers crossed*
Korben had a two hour school day today. So he was back home by 10am. Let me tell you, I love my kids but man can they be loud and obnoxious when they are in the same room. They just can't get along with one another. Julianna fusses about a toy that Korben may have and he certainly will not let her see it. So she retaliates and will scream her pretty head. Then you have Korben screaming at her to shut up and it will go back and forth till they are both blue in the face. I know they are siblings and they will fight, but they just are not happy with one another for more than 5 minutes in the same room. Oh and Julianna will throw a fit if Trenton happens to grab one of her toys off the floor. She will come up and snatch if right out of his hands, which leads to Trenton whimpering and looking at me to rescue him from the mean old sister.
Oh I got side tracked. I was talking about the upcoming holidays wasn't I? Well Christmas Eve evening we will be going to Matt's Aunt's house on his mother's side. They will have a dinner there. No presents exchanging this year since so many are tight with cash this year. I think no presents is a wonderful idea. They usually do a gift exchange between everyone but there is no need to. Matt's Mom asked for other suggestions and I did tell her that my family does a Ornament Exchange. Either you buy an ornament or make one and you put all the wrapped ornaments in a basket and you pick out however many your brought. Its fun and you get new ornaments for your tree! SO I am not sure if they will do that or not.
Then Christmas afternoon we will be going to Matt's Mom's house to eat. I will be bringing the desserts and the sausage balls. The kids will get to open their gifts and hopefully we get our family picture printed out so we can give that to Matt's Mom. I need to do something else for her, gotta write myself a note so I don't forget!
Ahh gotta get some things done around the house before Trenton wakes up. Matt is taking us somewhere after he gets off of work. Its a surprise!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanks to MY friend Angel for making this for me. Also to my friend Erica who took the wonderful picture.