Friday, March 14, 2008

We Welcome Mr. Trenton!

Well Trenton decided to make his appearance a bit early. I went in to the hospital to be induced on March 3rd around 4pm. I was on the verge of having Pre-Eclampsia and the Doctor didn't want it to get it out of control. So they wanted to pump some Magnesium Sulfate into my body. Mag-Sul will control blood pressure and prevent my body from going into seizures. Surprise to me and the MTMC L&D staff I was actually laboring on my own. But the contractions were only dilating me a CM every 4 hours. So Doc popped my water and they had to start pitocen to get the contractions regular and into working force. Let me tell you that stuff works! It kicked my body into full gear and made me very vocal in the L&D floor. I am sure everyone there could hear me in the halls. According to my husband, he was on his way to get me more ice chips and he heard me. oops!
I kept hollering for an epidural but my husband kept saying I was almost there. I opted to not have an epidural because of the last time I had one for my second child, I had some weird after effects such as numbness in the injection area and shooting pains down both legs. Not want I wanted this time around. I asked the nurse, while in agonizing pain if I could get any meds through the IV. Sure she said and started me on Stadol. Oh my Lord, never again will I request that. It did nothing for the pain but made me very loopy and drunk like.
So from 4pm March 3rd till 10:10am March 4th I was in labor. Trenton made his appearance at 10:11am and was healthy as could be. Discharge day the oncall pediatric doctor informed me that Trenton had high levels of bilirum in his red blood. SO we were told to get it checked the next day and it was still high We were ordered a Billy Blanket to bring his levels down. It wasn't enough so we had to order a billy bed (like the hospital uses) and I was just informed that his levels are ALMOST at a 14. His was a 14.9. SO we will be going back to the Lab at MTMC to get his levels checked one more time.

Oh I forgot to mention, Mr. T weighed in at 8 lbs 11 ounces and was 19 3/4 inches at birth. A Big baby according to the hospital staff for being around 3 weeks early! I can't imagine what he would weigh if he went full term! OUCH!