Tuesday, December 04, 2007

24 weeks and counting

Yea I suck at updating this thing. Today I am 24 weeks and 4 days into pregnancy. I had my glucose test yesterday. Came back fine so no Gestational Diabetes for me. But they did check my hemoglobin which was 11.2, so I have to take iron pills to keep my iron levels up. When I go back in January I am asking the Dr. if I can have a different prescription. Paying over 30 bucks for a months worth is ridiculous if I can get it over the counter for MUCH cheaper.
Julianna got to hear baby boy's heartbeat. She was all excited. This was the first time she actually payed attention to what was going on. She is all into hearing people's heartbeats. I think it was because of a Curious George episode!?
This weekend Matt's mother is coming down to help us paint Julianna's room and the baby's room. We will be moving our office upstairs and Julianna's room will be in here (office). The baby will get Julianna's old room. There is not a whole lot to move out of Julianna's room but MAN our office if going to be not fun. One huge corner computer desk and all the stuff in the closet PLUS our bookcase.
Well it is really quiet in the living room right now. Korben and Matt are at wrestling practice so its just Julianna and I at home. I bet she passed out on the couch. lol

Monday, November 12, 2007

Kids blog Updated

I put two #3 baby pictures up. I swear he is just like his Daddy! lol

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Baby #3!

So I had my 20 weeks DR. appointment on Monday. I had my ultrasound so they could measure all the parts and organs. Everything is on track. Baby is about 15 ounces. IT was soooo wiggly that the tech had a hard time getting good measurements. Very active baby that is for sure. She did pass the legs quite a few times and I could tell what this little rascal is.
We are having a little baby..........BOY! So #5 grandson for my Dad. Julianna and my niece are the only girls in the family. That is alright though. They are surely the little princesses! The name Gabriel is still pretty high on the list of names. Matt was going though Gaelic names the other day and was coming up with quite a few 'odd' names. I told him that I will go through his Spurlock family tree and see what I find on the men side. Heck I can even go on my Dad's tree and see what I find. Name hunting is fun but not when we can't decide on certain names that we like.
I go back on Dec. 2nd for my glucose test. Gotta love the bright orange Glucola that I have to drink down within 5 to 10 minutes!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finally a new post!

I haven't had much to update recently. I am 17 weeks and a couple days along with baby #3. I feel like I am carrying low, but who knows. This pregnancy is so different from the last two its crazy. I've had some unhealthy cravings also. Which makes me feel that I am carrying a boy. With Korben all I craved was junk food, hence the 60+ pound weight gain with him. For lunch today, leftover Dairy Queen french fries and a cheese burger. Healthy huh?! But that will be my only junk food today. My stomach gets REALLY upset fast when I eat junk.
I have only gained 10 pounds so far. Which is good. Have to maintain so I don't blowup. Last weekend we had Matt's family down for this birthday. Saturday we went and ate at Famous Dave's. It was pretty good. Of course Julianna wanted to walk around and talk to people so she didn't eat much. Wanted to get out of her seat most of the time. But the neat thing was that they have Magna Doodles there for the kids so we brought it to the table with us. THAT kept her busy.
I have been running ideas through my head for Christmas gifts this year. Yes already thinking about it. If I don't shop little by little then December would be a HARD time to pay off the normal bills. We do not charge presents on credit cards so that it the only way we can do it. Those ideas should be written down now so I don't forget. Preggo brain is a pain.
We haven't talked about baby names yet. I did go through a 10,000 baby name book earlier this morning. Here is a list that I like:

Girl Names


Boy Names


We already have middle names picked out. We know for sure we will be using Russell if its a boy and Lucille if its a girl. Lucille was Matt's grandmother's middle name if I am not mistaken. She passed away on October 6th and Matt suggested that he would like to use it.
I go back to the doctors November 5th. That will be my 20 weeks appointment where we find out whether this little one is a girl or a boy and FINALLY see the child on screen. I haven't had an ultrasound yet which is kind of irritating. I had at least two or three with the other two.
The baby doesn't have a room as of yet. I figured the first two months he/she will be in the bassinet in our room. We plan on moving our office upstairs, Julianna will be moved to the old office and the baby will be moved into Julianna's old room. We will sell our big corner computer desk, buy just a regular straight desk so we can put it against any wall upstairs rather than just one corner. The guestroom upstairs will be the entertainment room/office/sewing room. We will give Korben the full bed, so when we have guests come they can sleep in his room. We plan on getting a futon for the entertainment room then and get a used TV somewhere. My small 13 inch wouldn't do so well once we get it all set up. Matt's Dad has a bed frame for Julianna. Its white with red roses, I think its metal. So that will go in her room and she will finally have a twin bed rather than a toddler bed. I think that is it. I will try to update the kids blog in a few days.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Updated the kids blog. Nothing new for me to update here. lol Kids blog is linked to the right!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


New post on the kids Blog. Link is to the right

Friday, August 31, 2007

Home Cleaning

Ok Angel this is for you!

I figured out how to take the stink out of the Vinegar for cleaning. I ended up using 1/2 cup vinegar and about 2 cups of hot water. I squirted 1/4 Tsp. of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap
in the bucket. It totally took the stink away. I used the Tea Tree oil soap. I think they sell it at a store in downtown Murfreesboro. But I am pretty sure any health food store would have that or something similar. I haven't tried Lemon Juice instead of the soap so I am not sure how it would work. Oh and I used Baking Soda and Borax for my scrubbing agent. OMG I love my tub now. It is SOOOOOOOO shiny.

By the way the other people reading this, the above is an excellent alternative for a cleaning agent for tubs, floors, sinks and toilets. No harsh chemicals. Plus being all pregnant it makes me feel better that I am not smelling all the nasty fumes from say scrubbing bubbles or BAM! scrub for the toilet. I think it works way better than the other products plus is SOOOO cheap!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wow! Weathermen are REALLY crazy!

Google Editors really messed up with time!

So we will have SNOW?! tomorrow when its freaking hot out. haha Ok I was hopinh for FAll soon, not winter. *snicker*

Friday, August 17, 2007

Little Thrills

Its so weird when you become an adult what actually makes you happy. Cheap Thrills as I call them. I just got done balancing our budget/checkbook. It wasn't updated since July 1st! Yikes. So I started a clean worksheet (in Excel) and went from today and punched in all the checks that haven't come through yet.
I love Friday's because its pay day. Its nice to see money that will stay in there until most of the next week. I haven't had to worry about over drafting in such a long time since I started to use Excel for our receipts.
Another thrill of mine, seeing wet laundry turn dry after hang up outside in the summer air. Since its around 100 Degrees it doesn't take too long to dry shirts. Free Dryer!
A cheap thrill for Julianna, running around with no undies/diapers on and knowing when to use the potty. Cross my fingers she hasn't had any accidents today. She has been in undies since around 9:30 this morning. Once she feels she has to go, she runs to the bathroom and shouts "PEEEEEEPEEEE!!" I run in, give her a high five and a sticker. That girl is not hard to please.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Still Here!

Well I am still here! I have been extremly busy with traveling with my parents last month. Just now it feels like I have caught up on all household things. You don't realize how much you do during the week, that when you come back you have to do 10x. Matt did clean up alot after himself. Kudos to him. But I still needed to get back in a routine of things.
This week has been somewhat busy. Saturday I took Korben to a kids clinic at Lowes. He made a wooden GMC truck, which he used watercolor paint on today. He had me write "Just Married" on the tailgate. I have no idea why. While we were at Lowes Julianna and Matt walked around looking for things he needed to start our project. He wants to run our run off pipes to the front on our house where there is a ditch. Since we JUST had our foundation fixed in May, Matt found another crack in the same corner that was fixed. BUT its under our bedrooom window and above our crawl space door. So he knew he needed to get started on that now. We have a life time warrenty on that area...I just hope the company doesn't try to sneak out of fixing it for free.
Matt and Korben worked on the other side of the house to start the 8 inch ditch. I told him today it looks like Bug Bunny came in and took a wrong turn. lol One LONG ditch out towards the front street and another small ditch that connects thats from our front downspout. No pipes in as of yet. It took two days to dig all that out.
Next will be the pipes and cover them, then the other side of the house where the foundation was fixed.
Korben starts school back up on August 13th. We go on the 9th to find out who his 3rd grade teacher will be. He is hoping for Mrs. Giles. She was his friend Marissa's teacher for 2nd and 3rd grade.
I finally got a bike last week. Matt's mom let me have her bike that she had when MAtt and his brothers were younger. Its alot of work going up hills since the baby seat is on the back for Julianna. I can't stand up and push like I usually do. So my legs are tired right now from riding Julianna earlier. Its been at least 10 years since I last rode a bike. I didn't feel too steady on it. hehe

Monday, July 02, 2007

Prayers at a time of loss

On June 27th a great person was sent to heaven. I didn't find out about it until the next day since I was in Ohio visiting my family. Jenna was 35 a wife, mom to 3 beatiful kids plus 21 weeks pregnant(William). She was diagnosed with AML (Lukemia). Last year she was diagnosed and was treated and she thought she was over her battle when the doctors said she was in good health. But found out not that long ago that it was back. She was such a fighter and never gave up. I am sure there were times where she thought she didn't have enough strength in her to go on, but her family in her thoughts pushed her to stay strong and kick some butt. I read her blog on a daily basis and wished I could go up and visit her while she was in the hospital.
I wasn't close to Jenna. I met her once, when Julianna was a few months old. She was at a playgroup at the park. I talked to her a little bit and then on the playgroup message boards. I regret not getting to know her face to face. Everytime I saw her picture she literally reminded me of my mom. I think it was the shape of her face and her willingness to stay positive that did it. I never did get to tell Jenna that. I am sure some where up there she will get introduced to my mom.
I wasn't able to attend her calling hours. I actually found out about 3 hours prior to the calling hours that she had passed. Being in Ohio at the time, I wouldn't have made it.
I will be praying hard for her three kids and her husband. He is going to need so much support and encouragement. I remember when my Dad was left with us three kids when my mom passed away when I was 13. He went into a depression state and had a really hard time. We were all older than Jenna's kids, with me being the youngest.
Please keep the Jenna's family in your prayers.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Above was taken at Niagra Falls on our trip to Canada. I think this is the only picture that we have of all four of us. oops! I uploaded Day one of our trip on Shutterfly. I sent it out to some of you (mostly family). I need to upload the rest before I come back up to Ohio for a visit on Saturday.
For those that don't know the kids and I will be in Ohio from June 16th till the 29th I think We will be in VA for Aaron's wedding from the 20th till the 23rd?! If you want to meet up with us, call my Dad's. Or if you have my cell number, call me.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Seen any movies lately?

Ok since we don't have cable there is nothing to watch during the day. SOO we signed up for the MVP program at Hollywood where we can rent any MVP or older shelved movie, renting 3 at a time. I have been in a weird foreign typs of mood and recently discovered an actor name Gael García Bernal who is a famous actor from Mexico.
I watched:
The Science of Sleep
The Motorcycle Diaries (based on a true story)
Y tu mamá también

They were all pretty good. Some people may not like them because they may not be your style. Sometimes I get into a weird movie faze and want to watch every movie a certain actor/actress has been in. I have this goal to watch every movie ever made since I was born. Pretty weird Huh?! lol I guess that is why I have my degree in Media Production aka Movie Junkie.

Oh and if you haven't seen it I suggest watching Elizabethtown. It is pretty good and Orlando Bloom isn't bad to look at either.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt Picture

This was taken on Friday at my playgroup East party. Blogger messed witht he sizing so thats why it looks a bit wierd.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Julianna's ABC's

I posted this in the kids Blog as well.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

1980 YouTube

Go to YouTube and do a search for your birth year and post a video from the results.

ABBA - 1980 Super Trouper

airplane! (1980) trailer

Joan Jett - Bad Reputation Live in New York City 1980

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nice outside...how long will it last?

Its Feb 21st and it is 75 degrees outside. I fed the kids lunch outside on the deck earlier today and Korben and I did his homeowrk out there a well. He seemed a bit calmer outside in the fresh air. He can get soooo ticked off and frustrated when doing his homework.
I've been doing pretty good over here as of late. I am so ready to quit babysitting but I can hold off until the 3rd week in May. The last week in May we will be leaving for our Canada trip. Kids and all.
I like the money I get for sitting but seriously I don't get paid enough for what I deal with. I can't go anywhere during the day, like run errands to get groceries. I will not take two kids 2 and almost 3 years old in a store with me. I have enough trouble with an almost 8 year old and a 2 year old. So I can't wait till I am done and I can take MY kids anywhere during the summer like to the Splash Pad and the Library for story time or even just to walk to the park without having to take two strollers. PLUS I can go to Ohio and visit anytime, as long as you all want us up there. ;o)
I am thinking about going to my step-brothers wedding in June. Its in VA, so Nancy said maybe the kids and I can come up the week before and then leave with them. Meet half way like we usually do. Matt would love to take off but I think he has already taken off two of his days and he was wanting to take off a Friday during the summer to head to FL for a weekend. He really wants Julianna to see the beach.
Well I need to update the kids blog and hopefully get the pictures up there that I have been promising for two weeks now.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Slacker that I am.

Alright...alright I haven't updated in what...a month?!? Or more??
I updated the kids blog today. Pictures from Korben's Pinewood Derby is there. Their blog link is over there ----------->
Well we got snow Thursday (dusting) and Friday about 3 inches. It was nice while it lasted. The last of the snow melted today since it got up to 51. Sorry all to my family members in Ohio who are suffering with that darn artic cold blast. I don't think I could handle single digits and below zero temps. I will have the snow pictures up on the kids blog sometime this week.
We are expecting guests on Thursday. Our friends from Alabama (The Reaves family) will be coming up. Thursday night we will be going to the Predators (NFL HOCKEY) game in NAshville. My friend Tracy offered to watch Julianna. Thank GOD! I tell ya She is such a handful and she stresses MAtt and I both out when we are out in public and she wants to go somewhere or have something. The high pitched screams could break glass I swear! On Friday Korben has a half a day of School and I am going to help out in his classroom for a little while that morning. Then either Friday afternoon or Saturday we were talking about taking our guest and kids to the Adventure Science Center. We were going to go to the Nashville Zoo but it will be too cold and they will only bring out certain animals when its cold.
The house is super quiet....and both kids are up. Gotta go and see what is going on.