Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Not Much to Say

I really don't have much to say today. Just trying to stay sane, even though I feel like I am going INsane. Julianna is constantly taking her diapers off in the past week. She is in cloth diapers and they have snaps to them, they are fairly hard to take off but she succeeds somehow. Right now I put her in some cloth raining pants and put her Elmo potty in the front hallway. Its linoleum so it will be easy to clean up if anything DOES happen. I don't have my fingers crossed.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Is it REALLY Friday?

Wow, Friday is finally here! I am so happy that the weekend is near. We have a busy day tomorrow. Birthday Party at 1pm then Korben has his Cub Scout Picnic at 3pm. He is going to be exhausted. lol I don't htink I will be bring Julianna to the birthday party. She can't still still for anything and her and Daddy need some time together.
Kids are napping right now so I finally have time to myself for a bit. The 5 year old is eating his lunch. That kid can talk nonstop about anything. I was trying to read a few pages in my book earlier and he kept talking about these Star Wars guys. At least he will have another big kid to play with when Korben gets home at 3pm.
The day is going super slow, I hate that. I have to get to the store today at some point. Might take the kids for some Subway (I have a card that I get a free 6 inch with a purchase of one). Then off to the store for some groceries, doorknob covers (cause of Ms. Julianna) and a birthday present. Oh crap I have to figure out what dish to bring to the picnic on Saturday.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Kids website

Well I started a blog for the two kiddos. My family doesn't get to see them a whole lot so this is one way to keep updates going and to inform them on what is going on in the Spurlock house. Of course all of my friends here and read up on them too.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Yucky Morning

Today looks like its going to be a crappy morning. Its 8:30am and it looks like sunrise outside. Its so dark and gloomy. Yuck!
Julianna is in her room playing with my old barbie dolls. She loves the Skipper doll and her friend. I am still watching the two boys, D & D. One is 6 and the other 2 1/2. The 6 year old fell asleep watching Star Wars cartoon. The 2 1/2 year old is playing with Julianna and probably teaching her bad things. Like getting into the fridge and pulling everything off the door shelves. They have already done that today. Did it 3 times yesterday.
Korben is in school. He seems to like it I guess. I mean usually the first day is getting to know people in your class and learning about all the rules. He came home with a "Get to Know Me" paper to fill out and a brown lunch bag that he filled up with things that are about him. He put in there his Tiger Cub neckerchif and a marker and a crayon (since he likes to draw), A old Walmart gift card with Superman symbol on it and two photos of his family. He also came home with a little bag of candy that his teacher gave him.
I already have dinner ready for today. I am making Zesty Meatball sandwiches. Made the meatballs from scratch and will be putting them into the crockpot around 10am. They smell really good. I am trying to train myself to make at least 3 dinners monday through friday. It is hard just to grab stuff and feed the kids and not really have any meals planned when Matt works during dinner time.
Speaking of Matt he went to the doctors yesterday. He had a cyst removed from his lower back. He was in some pain yesterday so I took care of him off and on when he needed it. He went back tot eh Drs this morning for a quick check up and another bandage.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Who are most of these people??

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grossed out

HAha!! SO I grossed out my husband with the last post. Too funny. I replied to him that he doesn't wear them or wash them so he doesn't have any opinion. Of course he said the samething about Julianna wearing cloth diapers at 8 months old. Now I don't think he minds them as much.

Korben has his best bud over for the night. This is his first time having one over. He got all excited when I pulled out the sleeper sofa. Right now they are watching Star Wars. They are little SW geeks already. Hopefully they pass out soon, as with Julianna. She hasn't been going to bed smoothly like a month ago. We use to be able to lay her down in her bed with big Elmo and she wouldn't fuss at all. Now. FORGET it! She will scream and pound on her door if you put her down for the night. She can't seem to get settled. It might be that we don't have a cartain bedtime routine going on. Our daytime routine is fine, mostly because I sit a boy during the day and schedule a good nap in between snack and lunch time. I just hope something changes soon. going to bed after 11pm and getting up at 5:30am during the week is killing me.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

If your a little crunchy...

have you heard of ClothPads? Yes I said C-L-O-T-H pads. These pads women wear during their cycle, you then wash them and reuse them for the next month. I think its an awesome idea and plan on doing this for my next cycle. Right now I cloth diaper Julianna so using cloth for me shouldn't be a big deal.
Here is one of the websites that have some awesome prints. I can't wait to buy some and try them out!

On the bandwagon

Ok I think this has to be my 5th journal/blog/ online diary that I have. It seems that everyone has one tha tI know so why not. PLUS I want to be able to leave comments on my pretty neice's blog. Basically if you read my MySpace journal and my LiveJournal, I will just be copying and pasting.