Saturday, August 30, 2008

By the way...

I bought the KidCo puree blender for baby food. OMG, that thing works WONDERS!!! Not only have I made baby food for Trenton but I also pureed a whole bunch of Tomatoes that my neighbor gave me and made spaghetti sauce too!! Only thing I do if the pieces are big, I cut them in cubes, blend for a bit and add water if needed and blend just for a few more seconds and I have instant baby food. Plus I can even make Step 2 and 3 food in it. Just don't puree/blend for a long time.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I feel a Chill in the air.

Ok maybe not, but I want Fall to get here already!!

The trees have been loosing their leaves because its so darn dry and no rain in sight. Ms. Fay if you decide to swing by TN don't forget to leave us some rain alright? Just looking at the leaves on the ground I am yearning to smell the crisp fall leaves, the wind blowing slightly across my face and not sweating one bit from the heat and humidity. PLUS I want to wear jeans darnit. I have actually worn my jeans off and on all summer. Lazy bones that I am, I can never find time to shave my legs, which results in sasquatch legs. GROSS! So I hide them under my jeans. lol One of the cool things about my jeans that I found out, they are actually a size smaller than I thought! They are my "prepregnancy gained 10 pounds" pants. lol Gotta love that! I have to find another pair like them soon. They are the Stretch Levi brand from Walmart. Yes Walmart. I can not find a style that I LOVE anywhere else. I refuse to pay over $40 for one pair of pants. Remember I am frugal.

Oh I wanted to share a website with those of you that read my blog (Leave me a comment yo.). Since All of my side of the family lives in Ohio and on;y sees my kids 2 to 3 times a year I decided to update them with picture postcards. I found a website called Hippoposts and you upload any picture, write a message and fill in the person's house address that you want the picture to go to. They send it to them FOR FREE! Yes Free, told you I was frugal. lol You can only send 2 a day, but through their facebook application you can send more, but you have to shorten your message. So I sent my parents an updated photo of Korben in his Tuxedo from last weekend and put a little note telling them about the wedding and kids. I know grandparents love to get pictures of their grandkids and this is such an easy way to do it besides blogging or calling them on the phone, even though we do that as well.

Man it feels like a Sunday for some weird reason. Matt and his brother Chris are at a game store in Murfreesboro right now. Matt is taping an episode for his website. The store is hosting a Halo 3 tourny and Chris is helping Matt with production stuff. There is a link to his first video to the right if you want to check it out. Poor guy had horrible audio issues. He bought a mic for future shows so hopefully the next episode will be 100% better in the audio department.

Well time to go check on the kids. Trenton and Julianna are both napping for way too long and Korben is building with his Legos and watching Star Wars. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Getting the Good Stuff

While pregnant with Trenton I craved Trail Mix. Particularly the kind with chocolate, whether it was M&M's or the white chocolate bits. The best trail mix I have found is at Aldi. Best ever I swear. I usually get the White Mountain kind that has the variety in nuts, cranberries and white chips.

Well last week I bought a small bag of Planters Trail Mix at the store. I opened it today and they have the generic M&M's and they taste awful!! Julianna saw the bag and wanted some so I let her have it. I saw the bag about 20 minutes later sitting on the table, and all the 'M&M's' were gone. She ate every single one. Good thing I didn't like them or there would have been war! lol

This weekend Matt's brother is getting married. Korben is ring bearer and Matt is Bestman. Tonight we have the rehearsal which should be nice. MY mother in law is having a BBQ, full of Whitt's BBQ sandwiches, cole slaw, potatoe salad, baked beans and desserts galore! I need to get directions off of Google Map so we know where we need to go. Its going to be at a Ranch in Lebanon. Hopefully the weather holds up!

Thursday, August 07, 2008


I updated the kids blog if you wanted something to read. I have two videos of Trenton up there. He is such a silly baby. Oh and there is a link over there --------> to the Kids blog.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tax Free is the way to be, for the weekend anyways.

Why can't I ever keep up with this whole blogging thing?!
This weekend was TN tax FREE weekend. So no taxes on clothing/computers/school supplies. I took advantage of it PLUS Goodwill's 50% off everything on Saturday. I got Korben 3 pairs of Jeans and a pair of brown cords. Picked up Julianna some tie shoes (she is growing out of her other tennis shoes, blisters and all). I also got her a dress, two pairs of pants, a shirt and a Monsters Inc long sleeve shirt that she absolutely loves. Trenton got about 8 sleepers, 4 white onesies, and a few outfits that he can grown into in the following years. I got everything for $37. Very awesome value considering 95% of the items looked brand new, some with original tags on them.
Today I took Korben to Ross to pick out a few brand new shirts for school. He got 5, mostly short sleeved plus a leather belt, camo brim hat and I got myself some workout pants and a workout shirt. I spent about 75 there. Still no tax but I about cringed when she said $75 after the good trip at Goodwill the other day. Then we went to Target and picked up a organization shelf for all of Korben's Legos. I don't think they will all fit, but maybe 3/4 will, crossing fingers they do. Since it was just Korben and I, I splruged and got him a large Icee, which he drank until he about burst. lol There were 4 flavors and he put all of them in his cup. GROSS! He did refill his cup before we left so he could bring some home to Julianna. I had to stop myself from buying alot of things there. I could spend a ton and not even flinch. Horriable addiction.
Matt's Godfather, Ray, came up and picked Korben up for the week. Korben loves it there and I promised him that he could go up one more time before school starts. He is coming back Thursday night. On Friday he has registration for school. We will find out who his teacher is and whatelse he needs for school. I hope not much more that what we already bought. Schools don't supply anything for the teachers except a classroom. So they always draw up wish lists and hope parents buy things for the room. I already picked up post-it notes and dry erase markers. I just wish more parents could buy things for the teachers too. I know alot can't afford it, but thank God we can this year, so I am more than happy to buy a few extras since I can't volunteer in the classroom.