Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It is so nice....

to FINALLY hear Julianna say "Mommie". I've been waiting forever for her to pronouce it. Now for her to actually say it when she wants my attention. I asked her who Mommie is and she pointed to me. =o)

Friday, October 20, 2006

Its getting cold!!

My new Food Obsession.....String Cheese, Pepperoni and Multi-Grain Club crackers. I eaten this for lunch alost everyday for the past month. They are so good together that I can't stop eating them.

Both kiddos are sound asleep. We went to the neighborhood park this morning. It was quite cold but I don't think the kids even cared. They were running all over the place acting crazy. I met a fellow mom out there with her two kids. Her youngest and Julianna ended up finding a nice wet mud puddle. She was covered in mud close to her knees. I have her shoes, socks and pants soaking right now. She had fun and that is all that matters. I had some adult convo which was SOOO needed.

I am slowly getting in to the Christmas spirit this year. Last year I wasn't into it at all. Having to budget super hard for Christmas puts you in no mood. We have already gotten a few things for the kids and one for my neice. Toys R Us was/is having a good special. Buy one toy for $19.99 or more get another toy free at equal or lesser value. This year I can also buy Matt a few things. I hate using the money he earns to buy him gifts. Since I babysit during the week I have money that I earned and feel great buying him something with it.

Brr its cold and I need to get my sweater back on. Who knows when I will update again. I read my blogs every day but never have much to say on my own.