Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Seeing the New Year with open eyes?!

I might actually be able to see the new year this year rather than falling asleep at 11pm. haha 7 more minutes to go and it will be midnight here in Central Time. Nashville needs to have their own ball dropping for us Central people. The whole watching the NY ball drop an hour later kind of takes the excitement out of the event. 5 minutes to go. Matt is playing on his old Xbox, trying to stay awake. Korben is playing with his Legos demanding himself to stay awake. He is wanting to stay up this year to see the year change. Julianna fell asleep at 8pm and Trenton was out by 10pm. Matt has been working on the upstairs bathroom today. He is replacing the faucet and putting spakling on the walls and cracks. Our next door neighbor will be coming over tomorrow to help with our shower. Something about some water rotting issue or something. 2 more minutes. So after the walls are finished we will paint and be done with one more room.
I will have pictures up from Christmas at some point this week. I have to go through them and delete some and edit some. I haven't even seen them on the camera yet. 1 more minute! I ment to get some video footage as well but the kids opened up their gifts so darn fast that I was lucky enough to get pictures. Oh hey its 12:00am! Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This made my day

Funny Article from my home town.

Only in Tuscarawas County, Ohio will children replay the movie. I found out a couple years ago that the house they used for Ralphie's house is actually in Cleveland, Ohio. Neat!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Festivities

Well the holidays are sneaking up on me very rapidly. We almost have everything bought. We have a gift or two to get Korben and Julianna. Trenton is all done. I am just waiting on a package which should be here by tomorrow. *fingers crossed*
Korben had a two hour school day today. So he was back home by 10am. Let me tell you, I love my kids but man can they be loud and obnoxious when they are in the same room. They just can't get along with one another. Julianna fusses about a toy that Korben may have and he certainly will not let her see it. So she retaliates and will scream her pretty head. Then you have Korben screaming at her to shut up and it will go back and forth till they are both blue in the face. I know they are siblings and they will fight, but they just are not happy with one another for more than 5 minutes in the same room. Oh and Julianna will throw a fit if Trenton happens to grab one of her toys off the floor. She will come up and snatch if right out of his hands, which leads to Trenton whimpering and looking at me to rescue him from the mean old sister.
Oh I got side tracked. I was talking about the upcoming holidays wasn't I? Well Christmas Eve evening we will be going to Matt's Aunt's house on his mother's side. They will have a dinner there. No presents exchanging this year since so many are tight with cash this year. I think no presents is a wonderful idea. They usually do a gift exchange between everyone but there is no need to. Matt's Mom asked for other suggestions and I did tell her that my family does a Ornament Exchange. Either you buy an ornament or make one and you put all the wrapped ornaments in a basket and you pick out however many your brought. Its fun and you get new ornaments for your tree! SO I am not sure if they will do that or not.
Then Christmas afternoon we will be going to Matt's Mom's house to eat. I will be bringing the desserts and the sausage balls. The kids will get to open their gifts and hopefully we get our family picture printed out so we can give that to Matt's Mom. I need to do something else for her, gotta write myself a note so I don't forget!
Ahh gotta get some things done around the house before Trenton wakes up. Matt is taking us somewhere after he gets off of work. Its a surprise!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanks to MY friend Angel for making this for me. Also to my friend Erica who took the wonderful picture.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Kids updated!

Kids blog is updated. Nothing big. Just two Halloween pictures.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Busy Week

Well its been quite a busy week. Last Sunday the family and I packed up and went camping at Fall Creek Falls. The kids loved it and I was ready to get back in my own bed after the first night. lol It is very hard to crawl into a tent while holding a wiggly 7 month old. This 7 month old also wanted to get down and crawl everywhere. We also figured out we need a van ASAP. Our car trunk was so packed with tent equipment, clothes, air mattress, cooler, diapers and other things that we had to have the kids hold onto the pillows. lol

This was before our hike began for the day. Mr. Trenton is deft. a very wiggly and happy baby. =o)

On that Monday morning we set out and hiked to the falls. We started right at their Nature Center hiked 2.7 miles round trip. The hike to the Falls itself is categorized as a Medium hike. Let just say I was very happy to see the car once we got back. None of the trail is paved, its all dirt, roots, rocks and the like. Yes it was fun but this is how I was the whole time hiking:

I had Trenton in the Mei Tie the whole time. Deft. a back breaking thing to do for almost 3 miles of hiking. lol This picture was taken right in the morning. I think half way I striped off my hoodie along with Trenton's jacket. My balance was off as well while going over the swaying bridge. Not a whole lot of water flowing since TN is still in a drought since last summer.

This is a bit over the half way point going to the Falls. I think this is where I striped off my hoodie and took a snack break. Trenton was hungry and Julianna refused to use the smelly bathrooms.

When we got down to the Falls this is what we saw:

Very dried up. Usually the water is covering the rocks on the ground and you are almost deaf from the rush of the water flowing. I was a bit disappointed by how little water was coming down.

After the hike we got back to camp and made a early dinner. Next day we had a cold breakfast, packed up camp and explored the rest of the State Park. We found the little general store, and summer camp buildings and a playground for the kids to play on. It was a nice camping experiance but I can wait maybe 2 years or so when Trenton is potty trained.

Then Wednesday we took a break and I caught up on laundry and washed all of our campfire smelling clothes. Matt and Korben realized they had a good amount of Chigger bites all over them. They had to go down by the creek to gather fire wood at camp and decided to play Army in the high grass.
On Thursday we went to The Hermitage. It was REALLY nice. If you don't know what the Hermitage is, its Andrew Jackson's home and it was passed on to his children and grandchildren. You could get headphones and a player and you could type in numbers at certain places and the player would tell you about the spot you were at. Korben loved it. Of course it was a good walk around the area. We left the camera at home so we don;t have any pictures of it.
Friday we went to Matt's parents house and hung out with them. Went to his Dad's farm to look at the progress on the house they are building out there. Then yesterday we went to Nashville with Matt's Godfather Ray and went to the OctoberFest they were having. Saw a beautiful Catholic church while walking around. It was in the Germantown district so they had most of the old churches open so you coul walk in and see them.
Tday I am going to catch up on housework. The dishes are being neglected and so are Trenton's diapers. Gotta play catchup!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Kids blog is updated!
I will update with something later. Trenton is getting restless and I can't type when he is all wiggly in my arms.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just HAD to post this!

I absolutely love Pink and her newest video is hilarious! Trenton also likes it. He was crying (probably from his shots) and I pushed PLAY on the video and he stopped and listened. =o)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kids update

Kids blog is updated. Link is to the right.

Friday, September 05, 2008

New Stores Popping up!

New businesses headed to Sam Ridley Parkway and projected openings

Malco/Roxy movie theater, Movie Row and Industrial Boulevard — Fall 2008

Zaxby’s, Industrial Boulevard — Fall 2008

Holiday Inn Express, Highwood Boulevard — Fall 2008

Comfort Inn and Suites, Highwood Boulevard — Late 2008

IHOP, Grammer Lane — Winter 2008

Applebee’s, Grammer Lane/Team Boulevard — Early 2009

JCPenney, Best Buy, Books-A-Million and TJMaxx, Genie Lane and Wolverine Trail — Fall 2009

Dates not yet announced

Cheeseburger Charley’s, Movie Row

Firestone Tire Center, Industrial Boulevard

Hardee’s, Industrial Boulevard
Residence Inn, Industrial Boulevard

Candlewood Suites, Blair Road and Sam Ridley Parkway

La Quinta Inn, Blair Road and Sam Ridley Parkway

Saturday, August 30, 2008

By the way...

I bought the KidCo puree blender for baby food. OMG, that thing works WONDERS!!! Not only have I made baby food for Trenton but I also pureed a whole bunch of Tomatoes that my neighbor gave me and made spaghetti sauce too!! Only thing I do if the pieces are big, I cut them in cubes, blend for a bit and add water if needed and blend just for a few more seconds and I have instant baby food. Plus I can even make Step 2 and 3 food in it. Just don't puree/blend for a long time.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I feel a Chill in the air.

Ok maybe not, but I want Fall to get here already!!

The trees have been loosing their leaves because its so darn dry and no rain in sight. Ms. Fay if you decide to swing by TN don't forget to leave us some rain alright? Just looking at the leaves on the ground I am yearning to smell the crisp fall leaves, the wind blowing slightly across my face and not sweating one bit from the heat and humidity. PLUS I want to wear jeans darnit. I have actually worn my jeans off and on all summer. Lazy bones that I am, I can never find time to shave my legs, which results in sasquatch legs. GROSS! So I hide them under my jeans. lol One of the cool things about my jeans that I found out, they are actually a size smaller than I thought! They are my "prepregnancy gained 10 pounds" pants. lol Gotta love that! I have to find another pair like them soon. They are the Stretch Levi brand from Walmart. Yes Walmart. I can not find a style that I LOVE anywhere else. I refuse to pay over $40 for one pair of pants. Remember I am frugal.

Oh I wanted to share a website with those of you that read my blog (Leave me a comment yo.). Since All of my side of the family lives in Ohio and on;y sees my kids 2 to 3 times a year I decided to update them with picture postcards. I found a website called Hippoposts and you upload any picture, write a message and fill in the person's house address that you want the picture to go to. They send it to them FOR FREE! Yes Free, told you I was frugal. lol You can only send 2 a day, but through their facebook application you can send more, but you have to shorten your message. So I sent my parents an updated photo of Korben in his Tuxedo from last weekend and put a little note telling them about the wedding and kids. I know grandparents love to get pictures of their grandkids and this is such an easy way to do it besides blogging or calling them on the phone, even though we do that as well.

Man it feels like a Sunday for some weird reason. Matt and his brother Chris are at a game store in Murfreesboro right now. Matt is taping an episode for his website. The store is hosting a Halo 3 tourny and Chris is helping Matt with production stuff. There is a link to his first video to the right if you want to check it out. Poor guy had horrible audio issues. He bought a mic for future shows so hopefully the next episode will be 100% better in the audio department.

Well time to go check on the kids. Trenton and Julianna are both napping for way too long and Korben is building with his Legos and watching Star Wars. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Getting the Good Stuff

While pregnant with Trenton I craved Trail Mix. Particularly the kind with chocolate, whether it was M&M's or the white chocolate bits. The best trail mix I have found is at Aldi. Best ever I swear. I usually get the White Mountain kind that has the variety in nuts, cranberries and white chips.

Well last week I bought a small bag of Planters Trail Mix at the store. I opened it today and they have the generic M&M's and they taste awful!! Julianna saw the bag and wanted some so I let her have it. I saw the bag about 20 minutes later sitting on the table, and all the 'M&M's' were gone. She ate every single one. Good thing I didn't like them or there would have been war! lol

This weekend Matt's brother is getting married. Korben is ring bearer and Matt is Bestman. Tonight we have the rehearsal which should be nice. MY mother in law is having a BBQ, full of Whitt's BBQ sandwiches, cole slaw, potatoe salad, baked beans and desserts galore! I need to get directions off of Google Map so we know where we need to go. Its going to be at a Ranch in Lebanon. Hopefully the weather holds up!

Thursday, August 07, 2008


I updated the kids blog if you wanted something to read. I have two videos of Trenton up there. He is such a silly baby. Oh and there is a link over there --------> to the Kids blog.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tax Free is the way to be, for the weekend anyways.

Why can't I ever keep up with this whole blogging thing?!
This weekend was TN tax FREE weekend. So no taxes on clothing/computers/school supplies. I took advantage of it PLUS Goodwill's 50% off everything on Saturday. I got Korben 3 pairs of Jeans and a pair of brown cords. Picked up Julianna some tie shoes (she is growing out of her other tennis shoes, blisters and all). I also got her a dress, two pairs of pants, a shirt and a Monsters Inc long sleeve shirt that she absolutely loves. Trenton got about 8 sleepers, 4 white onesies, and a few outfits that he can grown into in the following years. I got everything for $37. Very awesome value considering 95% of the items looked brand new, some with original tags on them.
Today I took Korben to Ross to pick out a few brand new shirts for school. He got 5, mostly short sleeved plus a leather belt, camo brim hat and I got myself some workout pants and a workout shirt. I spent about 75 there. Still no tax but I about cringed when she said $75 after the good trip at Goodwill the other day. Then we went to Target and picked up a organization shelf for all of Korben's Legos. I don't think they will all fit, but maybe 3/4 will, crossing fingers they do. Since it was just Korben and I, I splruged and got him a large Icee, which he drank until he about burst. lol There were 4 flavors and he put all of them in his cup. GROSS! He did refill his cup before we left so he could bring some home to Julianna. I had to stop myself from buying alot of things there. I could spend a ton and not even flinch. Horriable addiction.
Matt's Godfather, Ray, came up and picked Korben up for the week. Korben loves it there and I promised him that he could go up one more time before school starts. He is coming back Thursday night. On Friday he has registration for school. We will find out who his teacher is and whatelse he needs for school. I hope not much more that what we already bought. Schools don't supply anything for the teachers except a classroom. So they always draw up wish lists and hope parents buy things for the room. I already picked up post-it notes and dry erase markers. I just wish more parents could buy things for the teachers too. I know alot can't afford it, but thank God we can this year, so I am more than happy to buy a few extras since I can't volunteer in the classroom.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Still up?!

Its 12:08AM and I am still up. What am I thinking?! I will probably regret it tomorrow when Julianna comes in at 7am, telling me to wake up, even though Trenton will be sound asleep till 8 or so.
We've been busy off and on this month. On July 3rd we went up to Ohio to visit my family. It was nice to see everyone that I could on our short visit. We had to split the driving up though and travel halfway and get a hotel. Trenton does not like being in the car seat for very long. Plus since he is still nursing, he eats almost every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. So it was a bit tiresome but a great visit with family. The one day we had all the grandkids at my Dad's house. It was a bit crazy, but thank God it was a nice day and all the kids played outside for the most part. That same day Amber (my SIL) said she would watch our 3 kids while Matt and I had a dinner date. It was great and she is a trooper for putting up with my 3 while she has 2 monkeys of her own. lol Next time we will have to return the favor!
Trenton is now fully rolling over from front to back. He is trying his hardest to roll back over to his belly because he is a belly sleeper and he can't stand to sleep on his back. PLUS he can't get his thumb in his mouth if he is on his back. That thumb keeps him asleep for longer periods of time.
I am thinking of starting Trenton on some solids. I am not sure when I started the other two, but he seems ready. He is always grabbing my fork or spoon at the table and watches everyone eat at dinner. I have tried giving him the Gerber oatmeal, but he doesn't seem to like it. I think we will stick to the Rice cereal instead. I bought a ton of frozen veggies and a few frozen fruits. I plan on making our own baby food like I did with Julianna. It is SOOOO inexpensive than to buy all the jars. I bought a bag of peas for $.94. That bag will make at least 2 1/2 ice cube trays full of pea puree. So that is at least 10 jars. But I need to buy this:
A simple Food Mill and chops and purees tons of different foods.
Trenton got his 4 month shots last Friday. He weighs in at 18 lbs 1 oz and is 26 inches long. He is such a chunk!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I've been tagged

Korben is home from camp. His first comment when he walked in to the house "Gosh I missed the toilet!" lol Guess their bathrooms were pretty rank. Of course he hasn't forgot how to boss Julianna around.
I gave him $10 to spend at the Trading Post while at camp. Here is what he bought:
Pack of skittles
Snickers Bar
Nerds Rope
2 packs of Gum rope
And a necklace with a wooden cross and beads on it that he said was for me but he is wearing. lol
I figured he would spend it mostly on crap. He said he bought the gum earlier during the week and spent the rest of his money this morning before they left camp. He said he won't be eating candy for the rest of the week.

My friend Angel tagged me and I figured I could do this. ;o)

Here are the rules:
a. Link to the person who tagged you.
b. Post the rules on your blog.
c. Write six random things about yourself.
d. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blog.
e. Let each person know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blog.
f. Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

1. I am OCD about where things go in the dishwasher. I have a place for everything. I don't mind when people put things in the dishwasher dirty but do not take offense if I open the washer up and rearrange everything. lol
2. I swear in my previous life I lived on the Prairie in the late 1800's, where I died in the water. Weird I know.
3. I do not consider myself a crunchy mom but I do use cloth diapers, nurse my baby and try to eat healthy. Right now I am researching some local farmers to buy beef/pork/chicken off of. Also fruits and veggies and possibly eggs. We also recycle glass, metal, paper and plastic.
4. I HATE big headed stores like Walmart, but I still shop there for convenience. I am trying to go local and shop at local stores, buy from local farmers and eat at local restaurants. I would rather have my money go back to my town than to a CEO of a major corporation who cares nothing for his workers.
5. Politically I do not know where I stand. I'm against abortion, I am for all LEGAL people to have rights, I support our troops 110% but want the war to be over now, I do not want universal health care, I do not want anymore illegals in the country. If they want to be here, come legally, learn the language and work like the rest of us. Do not come here illegally, get paid under the table and use our government money to support your butt and your families. My great grandparents came over from Europe and lived the right way. So can everyone else.
6. Once the children are old enough to be in school I want to volunteer my time to local organizations. Maybe I can use my degree in some way.

I will TAG Angie, Jen, Amber, Jill, Jessica, and Roxy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3 is a Handful

Having 3 kiddos is definitely a handful. By the time I have some ME time its around 10pm and I am utterly exhausted and falling asleep at the computer. Right now if I shut my eyes I would be asleep on the computer. I am lucky that Trenton has decided to sleep until 5am or 6am almost every night. Some night he does wake up around 3 but goes right back to sleep after a good nursing session, which more than likely has be passed out on the couch with Trenton still attached and drooling on me an hour later.
Our vacation was nice. The pictures are uploaded on our other computer so I will have to transfer some over and post them on the kids blog at some point. Julianna is now aware of the dangers of water after being knocked down by a big wave. Trenton HATED the water and just enjoyed being held in the sling, listening to the ocean and wind while napping. Korben LOVED picking up the white baby crabs around dusk and trying to beat up the waves.
Matt still hates his job and is still in search of a new one. While on vacation he kept seeing US Coast Guard helicopter flying around. He has always wanted to do something with flying and he loves the beach. He asked me if he could get some information about the Coast Guard. I said getting info wouldn't hurt but DO NOT sign up until we have a LONG LONG talk. It would be a life changing decision for everyone. He called a recruiter this afternoon to ask about information but hasn't heard back. I think that is a sign for him not to join!? But while we were on vacation 3 different people asked him if he was in the military. I have no idea why they asked him that. He ha a short hair cut but certainly doesn't have a 'high and tight' cut. But pray for him. I would love for him to get a different job that he would LOVE but not have us further away from family. I wouldn't mind moving up North so our travels to Ohio would be less. Oh and they do have jobs in Cleveland for the Coast Guard. haha

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

We Welcome Mr. Trenton!

Well Trenton decided to make his appearance a bit early. I went in to the hospital to be induced on March 3rd around 4pm. I was on the verge of having Pre-Eclampsia and the Doctor didn't want it to get it out of control. So they wanted to pump some Magnesium Sulfate into my body. Mag-Sul will control blood pressure and prevent my body from going into seizures. Surprise to me and the MTMC L&D staff I was actually laboring on my own. But the contractions were only dilating me a CM every 4 hours. So Doc popped my water and they had to start pitocen to get the contractions regular and into working force. Let me tell you that stuff works! It kicked my body into full gear and made me very vocal in the L&D floor. I am sure everyone there could hear me in the halls. According to my husband, he was on his way to get me more ice chips and he heard me. oops!
I kept hollering for an epidural but my husband kept saying I was almost there. I opted to not have an epidural because of the last time I had one for my second child, I had some weird after effects such as numbness in the injection area and shooting pains down both legs. Not want I wanted this time around. I asked the nurse, while in agonizing pain if I could get any meds through the IV. Sure she said and started me on Stadol. Oh my Lord, never again will I request that. It did nothing for the pain but made me very loopy and drunk like.
So from 4pm March 3rd till 10:10am March 4th I was in labor. Trenton made his appearance at 10:11am and was healthy as could be. Discharge day the oncall pediatric doctor informed me that Trenton had high levels of bilirum in his red blood. SO we were told to get it checked the next day and it was still high We were ordered a Billy Blanket to bring his levels down. It wasn't enough so we had to order a billy bed (like the hospital uses) and I was just informed that his levels are ALMOST at a 14. His was a 14.9. SO we will be going back to the Lab at MTMC to get his levels checked one more time.

Oh I forgot to mention, Mr. T weighed in at 8 lbs 11 ounces and was 19 3/4 inches at birth. A Big baby according to the hospital staff for being around 3 weeks early! I can't imagine what he would weigh if he went full term! OUCH!

Friday, February 22, 2008

36 weeks

Sorry for not updating like I should. Went to the Docs this morning. Everything is good. I gained 1 pound in the last month. I am now my official heaviest at 200lbs. I hope not to go beyond that within the next 3 weeks or so of being pregnant. Blood Pressure was great, Trenton's heartbeat was great, even though he HATES to be poked at and wouldn't stay still very long. I am still 1 cm dilated, Oh I was that last week by the way. He is still head down but hasn't dropped. I can tell he is on his way of dropping, nice sharp scratching pains from the inside. I still do not feel huge. I mean I probably look it, just don't feel like it.
I finally decided to start taking some Pepcid AC every day. I was just working with TUMS but having to chew at least 7 a day was getting sickening. Swallowing 1 pill a day I can take, plus it works wonders!
I will try to post a belly picture since I don't even think I took one to post on here, ever. I've only took one belly picture and that was around 24 weeks I think?! I just need Matt to crawl under the desk and get the wire so I can hook the camera up to load the pictures up.

Been thinking about labor and delivery lately. I am going to try my hardest not to end up with an epidural. When I had it with Julianna I obviously couldn't get out of bed to walk off contractions and not having feeling past my waist was so nerve wracking. Plus when I came home the spot where they inserted the needle was still numb and I would get pain shooting down my legs. So I am going to look up other alternatives and see what I can take through IV for pain. I want to be able to walk around the hallways (before hard labor) and be able to be in any position to deliver the baby. I think being on my back for 5+ hours is what made my legs feel like they were being pulled apart. So whoever is on duty I will let them know not to even mention the word epidural. Because they did last time and I took the bait FAST.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Almost 31 weeks

So I have about 9 weeks left of this pregnancy. I think I will be glad once its all over. Finally getting to meet this karate kicking machine that moves all the time. Matt and I still haven't decided on a name yet. 'Trenton' is high on the list. Everytime I start to like a name he suggests, he comes up with another and decides he changed his mind on the last name. GRR! Now he is liking the name 'Victor' but all I can think of is Days of Our Lives. So that name is way out and not even going to be considered. Not that I hate Days, I just hate relating my child's name to something or someone that has no personal meaning to me.

We finished Julianna's room (painting) and the baby's room (painting). Now I need to find some fairy/butterfly themed items for Julianna's room and paint some wooden shelves white to put in her room.
The baby's room is a dark mint green color and I found a baby blanket at Goodwill a while back that I was going to turn into cloth wipes. Well I really like the pattern (maybe a John Lennon print), the blanket has the colors and the cartoon like animals on it that I want the room to be themed as.

Our office is now upstairs and I have my sewing table free from the computer. I need to pull the sewing machine out and start on a few things before the baby gets here. Like make some new cloth wipes, start on the wool soakers for diapers and finish the curtain for the baby's room. I just need to trim it on the bottom and hang the darn thing up and all should be done.

I am going to post a few entries in the kids blog either today or tomorrow. Korben is in wrestling now so I have two clips from his Saturday tournament and a few pics from Christmas.