Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I hate trying to figure out a title!

Tomorrow we will be leaving to go to my parents house in O-H-I-O. Korben can not wait...and either can I. I will FINALLY meet my baby neice that I haven't seen in real life yet. Woo Hoo! We will have a little get together on Saturday evening so we can celebrate Julianna's birthday with my family. Her birthday isn't till Dec. 2nd but I figure while we are up there, they can help celebrate a week early. I am sure she won't mind. ;o)
I need to finish our laundry then pack our clothes for our trip. But I need to go to the store first and buy Julianna a birthday present that she can open up in Ohio and one for my nephew who will be two on Dec. 17th. I also want to get my nephews one more present for Christmas. I am bringing all of their gifts up there, save me on shipping them.
Sunday we will be back home. Hopefully before dinner. We will see what itme we can wake up and get going. Usually we pack the car the night before, saves us an hour of rest.
Well I hope all of you have wonderful Thanksgiving day!
And Jenna, I hope you start to feel better REALLY soon!!! I hope you can enjoy your thursday and eat some good homemade food. I'm praying for you girl!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have a safe trip! I do feel better today, so let's hope this is a trend!!!