Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3 is a Handful

Having 3 kiddos is definitely a handful. By the time I have some ME time its around 10pm and I am utterly exhausted and falling asleep at the computer. Right now if I shut my eyes I would be asleep on the computer. I am lucky that Trenton has decided to sleep until 5am or 6am almost every night. Some night he does wake up around 3 but goes right back to sleep after a good nursing session, which more than likely has be passed out on the couch with Trenton still attached and drooling on me an hour later.
Our vacation was nice. The pictures are uploaded on our other computer so I will have to transfer some over and post them on the kids blog at some point. Julianna is now aware of the dangers of water after being knocked down by a big wave. Trenton HATED the water and just enjoyed being held in the sling, listening to the ocean and wind while napping. Korben LOVED picking up the white baby crabs around dusk and trying to beat up the waves.
Matt still hates his job and is still in search of a new one. While on vacation he kept seeing US Coast Guard helicopter flying around. He has always wanted to do something with flying and he loves the beach. He asked me if he could get some information about the Coast Guard. I said getting info wouldn't hurt but DO NOT sign up until we have a LONG LONG talk. It would be a life changing decision for everyone. He called a recruiter this afternoon to ask about information but hasn't heard back. I think that is a sign for him not to join!? But while we were on vacation 3 different people asked him if he was in the military. I have no idea why they asked him that. He ha a short hair cut but certainly doesn't have a 'high and tight' cut. But pray for him. I would love for him to get a different job that he would LOVE but not have us further away from family. I wouldn't mind moving up North so our travels to Ohio would be less. Oh and they do have jobs in Cleveland for the Coast Guard. haha


The Todd's said...

I'll be praying for his job situation. We're in the same boat. And I got pregnant both times Grant started looking into the military! LOL definite sign there for us!

Amber Garner said...

Move to Ohio! Move to Ohio! Move to Ohio!!!!!!
I can only imagine how tired you are--I am so wiped out from Eric being on vacation, it never ends!!!

Thirty-One Gifts said...

I just found your blog. I have a 22 month who is cutting molars and is up a lot in the night.


Angel said...

I hope it all works out the way you want it to!

I tagged you, also. Feel free to ignore it... I almost did! Ha.