Sunday, October 12, 2008

Busy Week

Well its been quite a busy week. Last Sunday the family and I packed up and went camping at Fall Creek Falls. The kids loved it and I was ready to get back in my own bed after the first night. lol It is very hard to crawl into a tent while holding a wiggly 7 month old. This 7 month old also wanted to get down and crawl everywhere. We also figured out we need a van ASAP. Our car trunk was so packed with tent equipment, clothes, air mattress, cooler, diapers and other things that we had to have the kids hold onto the pillows. lol

This was before our hike began for the day. Mr. Trenton is deft. a very wiggly and happy baby. =o)

On that Monday morning we set out and hiked to the falls. We started right at their Nature Center hiked 2.7 miles round trip. The hike to the Falls itself is categorized as a Medium hike. Let just say I was very happy to see the car once we got back. None of the trail is paved, its all dirt, roots, rocks and the like. Yes it was fun but this is how I was the whole time hiking:

I had Trenton in the Mei Tie the whole time. Deft. a back breaking thing to do for almost 3 miles of hiking. lol This picture was taken right in the morning. I think half way I striped off my hoodie along with Trenton's jacket. My balance was off as well while going over the swaying bridge. Not a whole lot of water flowing since TN is still in a drought since last summer.

This is a bit over the half way point going to the Falls. I think this is where I striped off my hoodie and took a snack break. Trenton was hungry and Julianna refused to use the smelly bathrooms.

When we got down to the Falls this is what we saw:

Very dried up. Usually the water is covering the rocks on the ground and you are almost deaf from the rush of the water flowing. I was a bit disappointed by how little water was coming down.

After the hike we got back to camp and made a early dinner. Next day we had a cold breakfast, packed up camp and explored the rest of the State Park. We found the little general store, and summer camp buildings and a playground for the kids to play on. It was a nice camping experiance but I can wait maybe 2 years or so when Trenton is potty trained.

Then Wednesday we took a break and I caught up on laundry and washed all of our campfire smelling clothes. Matt and Korben realized they had a good amount of Chigger bites all over them. They had to go down by the creek to gather fire wood at camp and decided to play Army in the high grass.
On Thursday we went to The Hermitage. It was REALLY nice. If you don't know what the Hermitage is, its Andrew Jackson's home and it was passed on to his children and grandchildren. You could get headphones and a player and you could type in numbers at certain places and the player would tell you about the spot you were at. Korben loved it. Of course it was a good walk around the area. We left the camera at home so we don;t have any pictures of it.
Friday we went to Matt's parents house and hung out with them. Went to his Dad's farm to look at the progress on the house they are building out there. Then yesterday we went to Nashville with Matt's Godfather Ray and went to the OctoberFest they were having. Saw a beautiful Catholic church while walking around. It was in the Germantown district so they had most of the old churches open so you coul walk in and see them.
Tday I am going to catch up on housework. The dishes are being neglected and so are Trenton's diapers. Gotta play catchup!


McAngie said...

I've heard of many people that go there but I can't get my hubby to venture out of his garage.

Jen R. said...

Sounds like you had a great week, though tiring! :)

Amber Garner said...

I give you all of the credit in the world for taking off for a trip like that. I enjoyed reading about it. Good luck catching up on everything!

PB&J's Mommy said...

You go! What a workout hiking with a baby!! Sounds like a fun time, I'm sure the kids especially enjoyed it :)