Friday, August 18, 2006

Is it REALLY Friday?

Wow, Friday is finally here! I am so happy that the weekend is near. We have a busy day tomorrow. Birthday Party at 1pm then Korben has his Cub Scout Picnic at 3pm. He is going to be exhausted. lol I don't htink I will be bring Julianna to the birthday party. She can't still still for anything and her and Daddy need some time together.
Kids are napping right now so I finally have time to myself for a bit. The 5 year old is eating his lunch. That kid can talk nonstop about anything. I was trying to read a few pages in my book earlier and he kept talking about these Star Wars guys. At least he will have another big kid to play with when Korben gets home at 3pm.
The day is going super slow, I hate that. I have to get to the store today at some point. Might take the kids for some Subway (I have a card that I get a free 6 inch with a purchase of one). Then off to the store for some groceries, doorknob covers (cause of Ms. Julianna) and a birthday present. Oh crap I have to figure out what dish to bring to the picnic on Saturday.

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