Saturday, August 12, 2006

grossed out

HAha!! SO I grossed out my husband with the last post. Too funny. I replied to him that he doesn't wear them or wash them so he doesn't have any opinion. Of course he said the samething about Julianna wearing cloth diapers at 8 months old. Now I don't think he minds them as much.

Korben has his best bud over for the night. This is his first time having one over. He got all excited when I pulled out the sleeper sofa. Right now they are watching Star Wars. They are little SW geeks already. Hopefully they pass out soon, as with Julianna. She hasn't been going to bed smoothly like a month ago. We use to be able to lay her down in her bed with big Elmo and she wouldn't fuss at all. Now. FORGET it! She will scream and pound on her door if you put her down for the night. She can't seem to get settled. It might be that we don't have a cartain bedtime routine going on. Our daytime routine is fine, mostly because I sit a boy during the day and schedule a good nap in between snack and lunch time. I just hope something changes soon. going to bed after 11pm and getting up at 5:30am during the week is killing me.


Amy said...

i think it's sweet when david has buddies over!!!

Stephanie said...

My husband hated that I wanted to CD and well now he is over it, as long as he doesn't have to change the poopy! LOL! We just CD part time and he rarely changes a diaper anyway!