Friday, September 01, 2006

Glad its Friday

Like the title says!
We are not doing too much over the holiday weekend. Mostly catching up on house stuff (yard work and cleaning alot). Matt was talking about going to the Memphis Zoo on Sunday but we really don't have the extra cash for it. Our luck, some mysterious bill will be in the mail on wednesday and we won't have any money left for food for the week. I hate mysterious bills.
Kids are doing well. Julianna is being a big stinker and causing havok when I am sitting the little boy I watch. She likes to go up to him and pull his shirt, which results in him pushing her away and then her screaming at him. But the cutest thing she does is give him a kiss and a hug after nap time. He absolutly hates it. The kid doesn't like to be touched. Oh and Julianna also likes to steal his food during snack time. i give them both the same thing. She doesn't like to touch her food, but loves his plate! weirdo.

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