Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Crazy last weeks

Ok my weeks have been a bit crazy and I haven't felt like updating. Yesterday we had our first Cub Scout meeting. It went alright. We were put into a room with couches so the boys didn't have a good surface to do their crafts on. But I think the boys enjoyed themselves and the adults got more information on what will be going on and such. Next week the boys will be setting down the rules for the den. Of course I will have to OK them before they are written down. I need to find a recipe that has some type of zoo animal in the title and I don't have to use an oven. We have a microwave on hand at the church (where the meetings are). I looked on the PBSkids website at the show ZOOM and found just a couple things. I have to wait to see if any of the boys have food allergies and then we can move on.

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Anonymous said...

a month... now i dont feel so bad about sucking at posting :) lol.