Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nice long will it last?

Its Feb 21st and it is 75 degrees outside. I fed the kids lunch outside on the deck earlier today and Korben and I did his homeowrk out there a well. He seemed a bit calmer outside in the fresh air. He can get soooo ticked off and frustrated when doing his homework.
I've been doing pretty good over here as of late. I am so ready to quit babysitting but I can hold off until the 3rd week in May. The last week in May we will be leaving for our Canada trip. Kids and all.
I like the money I get for sitting but seriously I don't get paid enough for what I deal with. I can't go anywhere during the day, like run errands to get groceries. I will not take two kids 2 and almost 3 years old in a store with me. I have enough trouble with an almost 8 year old and a 2 year old. So I can't wait till I am done and I can take MY kids anywhere during the summer like to the Splash Pad and the Library for story time or even just to walk to the park without having to take two strollers. PLUS I can go to Ohio and visit anytime, as long as you all want us up there. ;o)
I am thinking about going to my step-brothers wedding in June. Its in VA, so Nancy said maybe the kids and I can come up the week before and then leave with them. Meet half way like we usually do. Matt would love to take off but I think he has already taken off two of his days and he was wanting to take off a Friday during the summer to head to FL for a weekend. He really wants Julianna to see the beach.
Well I need to update the kids blog and hopefully get the pictures up there that I have been promising for two weeks now.

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