Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Slacker that I am.

Alright...alright I haven't updated in what...a month?!? Or more??
I updated the kids blog today. Pictures from Korben's Pinewood Derby is there. Their blog link is over there ----------->
Well we got snow Thursday (dusting) and Friday about 3 inches. It was nice while it lasted. The last of the snow melted today since it got up to 51. Sorry all to my family members in Ohio who are suffering with that darn artic cold blast. I don't think I could handle single digits and below zero temps. I will have the snow pictures up on the kids blog sometime this week.
We are expecting guests on Thursday. Our friends from Alabama (The Reaves family) will be coming up. Thursday night we will be going to the Predators (NFL HOCKEY) game in NAshville. My friend Tracy offered to watch Julianna. Thank GOD! I tell ya She is such a handful and she stresses MAtt and I both out when we are out in public and she wants to go somewhere or have something. The high pitched screams could break glass I swear! On Friday Korben has a half a day of School and I am going to help out in his classroom for a little while that morning. Then either Friday afternoon or Saturday we were talking about taking our guest and kids to the Adventure Science Center. We were going to go to the Nashville Zoo but it will be too cold and they will only bring out certain animals when its cold.
The house is super quiet....and both kids are up. Gotta go and see what is going on.

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Amber Garner said...

Sounds like a very fun weekend lies ahead of you. Enjoy!!!