Sunday, July 15, 2007

Still Here!

Well I am still here! I have been extremly busy with traveling with my parents last month. Just now it feels like I have caught up on all household things. You don't realize how much you do during the week, that when you come back you have to do 10x. Matt did clean up alot after himself. Kudos to him. But I still needed to get back in a routine of things.
This week has been somewhat busy. Saturday I took Korben to a kids clinic at Lowes. He made a wooden GMC truck, which he used watercolor paint on today. He had me write "Just Married" on the tailgate. I have no idea why. While we were at Lowes Julianna and Matt walked around looking for things he needed to start our project. He wants to run our run off pipes to the front on our house where there is a ditch. Since we JUST had our foundation fixed in May, Matt found another crack in the same corner that was fixed. BUT its under our bedrooom window and above our crawl space door. So he knew he needed to get started on that now. We have a life time warrenty on that area...I just hope the company doesn't try to sneak out of fixing it for free.
Matt and Korben worked on the other side of the house to start the 8 inch ditch. I told him today it looks like Bug Bunny came in and took a wrong turn. lol One LONG ditch out towards the front street and another small ditch that connects thats from our front downspout. No pipes in as of yet. It took two days to dig all that out.
Next will be the pipes and cover them, then the other side of the house where the foundation was fixed.
Korben starts school back up on August 13th. We go on the 9th to find out who his 3rd grade teacher will be. He is hoping for Mrs. Giles. She was his friend Marissa's teacher for 2nd and 3rd grade.
I finally got a bike last week. Matt's mom let me have her bike that she had when MAtt and his brothers were younger. Its alot of work going up hills since the baby seat is on the back for Julianna. I can't stand up and push like I usually do. So my legs are tired right now from riding Julianna earlier. Its been at least 10 years since I last rode a bike. I didn't feel too steady on it. hehe

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