Friday, August 17, 2007

Little Thrills

Its so weird when you become an adult what actually makes you happy. Cheap Thrills as I call them. I just got done balancing our budget/checkbook. It wasn't updated since July 1st! Yikes. So I started a clean worksheet (in Excel) and went from today and punched in all the checks that haven't come through yet.
I love Friday's because its pay day. Its nice to see money that will stay in there until most of the next week. I haven't had to worry about over drafting in such a long time since I started to use Excel for our receipts.
Another thrill of mine, seeing wet laundry turn dry after hang up outside in the summer air. Since its around 100 Degrees it doesn't take too long to dry shirts. Free Dryer!
A cheap thrill for Julianna, running around with no undies/diapers on and knowing when to use the potty. Cross my fingers she hasn't had any accidents today. She has been in undies since around 9:30 this morning. Once she feels she has to go, she runs to the bathroom and shouts "PEEEEEEPEEEE!!" I run in, give her a high five and a sticker. That girl is not hard to please.


Amber Garner said...

I wish someone would give me a high five and a sticker when I peed!

McAngie said...

Hooray for Julianna!! I totally understand the cheap thrills! My cheap thrill will be when my stepson graduates and we dont have to pay child support to that witch anymore!

Angel said...

You are so lucky that she is willing to cooperate for the price of one little sticker. I've resorted to promising HUGE things like power wheels and the like. We will see how the next few weeks go...

And I should get a clothesline and stop wasting all this energy on drying clothes when Mother Nature is so willing to foot the bill so to speak. Of course, we haven't been going as much as normal because it's so darn hot so we haven't been wearing too many different outfits and that means I've not done much laundry either. Woo.