Tuesday, December 04, 2007

24 weeks and counting

Yea I suck at updating this thing. Today I am 24 weeks and 4 days into pregnancy. I had my glucose test yesterday. Came back fine so no Gestational Diabetes for me. But they did check my hemoglobin which was 11.2, so I have to take iron pills to keep my iron levels up. When I go back in January I am asking the Dr. if I can have a different prescription. Paying over 30 bucks for a months worth is ridiculous if I can get it over the counter for MUCH cheaper.
Julianna got to hear baby boy's heartbeat. She was all excited. This was the first time she actually payed attention to what was going on. She is all into hearing people's heartbeats. I think it was because of a Curious George episode!?
This weekend Matt's mother is coming down to help us paint Julianna's room and the baby's room. We will be moving our office upstairs and Julianna's room will be in here (office). The baby will get Julianna's old room. There is not a whole lot to move out of Julianna's room but MAN our office if going to be not fun. One huge corner computer desk and all the stuff in the closet PLUS our bookcase.
Well it is really quiet in the living room right now. Korben and Matt are at wrestling practice so its just Julianna and I at home. I bet she passed out on the couch. lol

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McAngie said...

Oh you don't suck too bad, LOL! Isn't it just so wonderful when you have to try and find room for a new baby! When Alex was born, we lived in a 3 bedroom condo & I put his bed and stuff in my massively huge walk in closet. I'm a bad Mom aren't I! LOL!