Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Almost 31 weeks

So I have about 9 weeks left of this pregnancy. I think I will be glad once its all over. Finally getting to meet this karate kicking machine that moves all the time. Matt and I still haven't decided on a name yet. 'Trenton' is high on the list. Everytime I start to like a name he suggests, he comes up with another and decides he changed his mind on the last name. GRR! Now he is liking the name 'Victor' but all I can think of is Days of Our Lives. So that name is way out and not even going to be considered. Not that I hate Days, I just hate relating my child's name to something or someone that has no personal meaning to me.

We finished Julianna's room (painting) and the baby's room (painting). Now I need to find some fairy/butterfly themed items for Julianna's room and paint some wooden shelves white to put in her room.
The baby's room is a dark mint green color and I found a baby blanket at Goodwill a while back that I was going to turn into cloth wipes. Well I really like the pattern (maybe a John Lennon print), the blanket has the colors and the cartoon like animals on it that I want the room to be themed as.

Our office is now upstairs and I have my sewing table free from the computer. I need to pull the sewing machine out and start on a few things before the baby gets here. Like make some new cloth wipes, start on the wool soakers for diapers and finish the curtain for the baby's room. I just need to trim it on the bottom and hang the darn thing up and all should be done.

I am going to post a few entries in the kids blog either today or tomorrow. Korben is in wrestling now so I have two clips from his Saturday tournament and a few pics from Christmas.


Amber Garner said...

Well by now you are probably nearly 32 weeks, so congrats!!! I can't believe you're that far along already--time flies (usually for those who are NOT pregnant!)--Anything you could use for the new baby?? We hope to visit soon :)

Amber said...

Nothing right now. =o) I am getting a couple newborn and small diapers and covers soon to build up our diaper stash. But I think everything else we have. I have had a couple friends pass down a few items that their babies no longer needed which was SUPER nice of them to do.

Gunner said...

Mind if I post this news at "This is Smyrna, TN."?