Friday, August 15, 2008

Getting the Good Stuff

While pregnant with Trenton I craved Trail Mix. Particularly the kind with chocolate, whether it was M&M's or the white chocolate bits. The best trail mix I have found is at Aldi. Best ever I swear. I usually get the White Mountain kind that has the variety in nuts, cranberries and white chips.

Well last week I bought a small bag of Planters Trail Mix at the store. I opened it today and they have the generic M&M's and they taste awful!! Julianna saw the bag and wanted some so I let her have it. I saw the bag about 20 minutes later sitting on the table, and all the 'M&M's' were gone. She ate every single one. Good thing I didn't like them or there would have been war! lol

This weekend Matt's brother is getting married. Korben is ring bearer and Matt is Bestman. Tonight we have the rehearsal which should be nice. MY mother in law is having a BBQ, full of Whitt's BBQ sandwiches, cole slaw, potatoe salad, baked beans and desserts galore! I need to get directions off of Google Map so we know where we need to go. Its going to be at a Ranch in Lebanon. Hopefully the weather holds up!

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Jen R. said...

Hope the wedding went well and the food was awesome ;)

A kid in one of my classes last year gave me some homemade trail mix for Valentine's Dau and it was SO good, and I've been making it ever since. Let me know if you want the recipe :)